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Why would I give to The Equality Alliance when I could just give directly to the charity?

The goal of The Equality Alliance is to enable non-profits with smaller staffs to be able to devote their resources to programs that directly serve the Central Texas community while we raise the money to help them do that. It also allows the donor that finds themselves going to event after event - to combine multiple causes under one roof for one night!  Think of The Equality Alliance as the Amazon of LGBTQ Charities! Lastly - The Equality Alliance allows donors that might only be familiar with one or two of the charities – to get exposure to other non-profits serving this community and learn more about how they can make a difference in their own backyard!


Is my donation tax deductible?

The answer to this question is – mostly – yes! Everything but the hard cost of your donation is 100% tax deductible. For example: If someone purchases a ticket for $125 and the hotel charges us $55 for their dinner – then you subtract the hard cost of $55 and then $70 is tax deductible. If someone purchases a $5,000 sponsorship table and they get 12 tickets for their table – then you multiple 12 x $55 ($660) and subtract that from $5,000 and $4340 would be tax deductible. Any one who donates an auction item can write off the difference between the hard cost and the value of that item.


Is it appropriate to bring children to the gala?

Absolutely! We had many children attend last year as well as a 5 yr old speak at the podium! We tell all our contestants and coaches – if you can’t see it on The Tonight Show – you won’t see it at the gala. We want people of all ages to enjoy the show as well as become future advocates for equal rights for all citizens.

What is the dress code?

So what is the dress code? EXTRA. It can be cocktail or black tie – just MAKE A STATEMENT. Think....Met Gala meets VMA’s. A little edgy, a little sassy, a lot of glitz, a lot of shock and awe. So yeah – like we said – EXTRA.

Will I receive physical tickets to the event?

No.  Once you purchase your tickets, we put your name on our master guest list so that all you have to do is show up and we'll take care of the rest!

What do I get for VIP?

VIP offers a hosted bar for our guests as well as early viewing of our auction items.  Depending on bookings - It can also include a meet and greet with any celebrity guests we may have that year.

What if my friends and I want to attend but my group is less than 10? Can we still sit together? 

Yes! Just designate a name for your table and have each person that purchased a ticket put that table name in the table captain box.  It will then group you and your friends together at the same table.The Equality Alliance will fill in the remaining seats at the table with other guests to create a table of 10.

What if some of my friends want VIP tickets and others want General Admission tickets, can we still sit at the same table together?

Yes! As long as you all enter the same confirmation code at purchase it will place you at the same table regardless of the type of ticket you purchased.  

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Contact Executive Director Monica Painter at

(512) 845-5614  or email us at

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