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Lip Sync for Your Rights! 

And This Year's Teams Are...

Team Shelby.jpg
Team Logan(1).jpg
Team Marc.jpg
Team PhillWill.jpg
Team Dimitris.jpg
Team Sydney.jpg
Team Dayne.jpg
Team PhilRod.jpg

AT THIS YEAR'S unite the fight gala we have two goals in mind:

  1. Raise money for our amazing, local LGBTQIA+ beneficiary charities at the front line fighting for equality;

  2. Have tons of fun while doing it!

The Equality Alliance has recruited 8 community members who have never participated in a drag performance, to work alongside a professional drag mentor to Lip Sync for Their Rights! These 8 performers work tirelessly to raise money for our beneficiary charities, all while working hard with their coach to arrange a performance for the crowd to enjoy! 

Nominate yourself or a friend as a contestant for Unite the Fight!

Thanks for submitting!

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